CONVERTIBLE BACKLESS SHIRT WITH TAIL KESIM is a multifunctional product, which can be worn in many ways.

- attachable/detachable collar and cuffs presents fixed with buttons and buttonholes

- unique design, due to the bare back of the product, which continues itself with a versatile tail

- by detaching the collar and the cuffs, the multifunctional product can be worn as a blouse

- can be worn long or short, with the tail attached or detached 

- collar and cuffs are detachable so, provided you got bored with the product, you can anytime purchase other cuffs and another collar of other colours, different from the ones of the base product;

- can be worn successfully both at the office with a pair of elegant trousers or at a party, with jeans or fancy trousers

To know:

The cuffs and the collar can be purchased separately and are not included in the product’s price. The price strictly refers to convertible shirt KES.

If you buy a shirt, the shirt cuffs can fit on any jacket, tailcoat or coat and can be worn directly on the skin.

The buttons and the gloves can be purchased separately.

Composition 100% cotton


  • White
  • Black
  • Zinc

Size Chart:
Size Chart

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