Convertible frac jacket can be worn in different ways:

- Convertible frac with detachable tail and detachable collar;
- Frac jacket with a special design - features 2 types of interchangeable collar: simple cloth collar or cloth collar with sparkles.
- The frac jacket presents 2 types of tails and can be worn simply without tail, with the cloth tail or with a cloth tail over which a tail of sequins is attached;
- The jacket with or without cloth collar can be worn during the day, at office, with pants and shirt,
- The jacket can be worn with detachable cuffs and corset or top blouse, during the evening, as a party outfit.
- The jacket can be transformed into a frac due to the attached tail; can be an outfit party, and when the  sequins tail is attached and the sparkles collar can transform the outfit in a glamorous one.
- The jacket can be worn with cuffs which are attachable - detachable. 
To know:
Cuffs care not included in the price, can be purchased separately.
If you buy a shirt, the shirt cuffs can fit on any jacket, jacket, frac, or can be worn directly on the skin. The collar is also removable, so if you want to change a touch of your outfit, you can then order another cuffs to fit with the pattern, so you'll have a versatile and multifunctional outfit.
Composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane; lining 100% viscose

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