The convertible short coat – tailcoat TERS is a multifunctional piece of clothing, which can be used in many ways:

- convertible tailcoat with detachable tail

- the convertible jacket-coat/tailcoat presents a remarkable design, due to the apparent and detachable shirt collar, which is not positioned on the upper side of the jacket, but on the waist line, alongside with a coat collar, which is attached on the front side of the tail and shirt coat, which makes the product seem to be an upside down jacket with shirt

- the shirt coat can be worn with detachable cuffs

- the shirt coat, convertible into tailcoat due to the tail and the collar positioned on the waist line, which can be attached to this, can represent a party or event outfit, designed to turn all the heads, irrespective of the way you choose to wear it

- the shirt coat can be worn with attachable/detachable shirt cuffs

To know:

The cuffs can be purchased separately and their price is not included in the product’s Convertible Tailcoat-Short Coat-Jacket Ters price.

If you buy a shirt, the shirt cuffs can fit on any jacket, frac or coat, and can be worn directly on the skin.



Textile 60% polyester, 40% viscose, Lining 100% viscose


  • Red
  • Black

Size Chart:
Size Chart

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