The convertible short coat-jacket-tailcoat SWALLA is  a multifunctional piece of clothing, which can be worn in many ways:

-convertible tailcoat with detachable tail and two removable collars;

- the detachable collars can be worn with trousers as braces, alongside with some extensions –see photo;

- the shirt coat can be worn with detachable cuffs;

- the shirt coat, convertible into tailcoat due to the tail which can be attached to it, represents an office, party or event outfit;

- the tail can be worn separately, on the string of the trousers and alongside with the collar which can turn into braces; together, their form a Fancy outfit, designed to turn all the heads;

- the shirt coat can be worn with shirt cuffs, which are attachable/detachable.


To know:

The convertible tailcoat SWALLA comes with 2 types of collars, a simple office one and one with sequins, ideal for parties.

The waist band/belt of the trousers can be purchased with the trousers.

The braces which can be attached to the collar can be purchased separately are are not included in the product’s price.

The cuffs can be purchased separately and their price is not included in the product’s Convertible Tailcoat-Short Coat Swalla price.

If you buy a shirt, the shirt cuffs can fit on any jacket, frac or coat, and can be worn directly on the skin.

The collar is also removable/detachable, so provided you get bored with the product, you can then order other cuffs and another collar to match the pattern and style, so you will obtain a greater versatility of the convertible tailcoat/dress coat/short coat SWALLA



Textile 60% polyester, 40% viscose, Lining 100% viscose

  • Red
  • Black

Size Chart:
Size Chart